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We all love a little romance in our lives, why do you think there are so many movies about love out there? It feels good to loose yourself in their story, to get to know the couple, always hoping that in the end, they fall into each other’s arms and ride into sunset together. 

That’s why I had the idea of sharing my couples’ love stories on my blog – with their permission of course. Some people love the idea, some prefer to keep their story private, but I do feel privileged to get to know them on a personal level, even if I don’t get to share it. I feel that the more I get to know my couples, the better their photos are since I get to capture not only their individual personalities, but also two people together as one.

So go ahead and make yourself comfortable and take a moment to peek at the session “Love Stories” here on the blog. 


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Erin and Craig’s day couldn’t have been more perfect! Not only it was a beautiful day, but their friends and family made their wedding so much fun!
Laura and I met the girls at their hotel in the morning in a big room with lots of people, music and laughter, while the guys were having their own fun at Craig’s parent’s house. A few hours later, their ceremony was held at Christ the Light of the World Parish in Duquesne, with a beautiful ceremony that included a special moment that made most of us cry: Craig letting little Hailey know how special she is and how happy and proud he was to have her as his daughter.  
We chose to have their portraits done at the White Oak Park and then headed over to Stratigos Banquet Centre in Irwin for the party.

And what a party it was. I do have to give credit to not only their super fun friends, but also their DJ Nick from Second to None. And ‘second to none’ they were indeed. I can honestly say that they were one of the best entertaining vendors I have worked with in all these years of photographing weddings. Highly recommend if you want someone right there on the dance floor with you, taking the lead to get everyone involved in having fun.

Erin, Craig and little Hailey are the perfect family and I was so honored to be chosen to document their special day. Here’s a little bit of their story, in Erin’s own words:
“Craig and I met online. I was very skeptical at first with online dating and was unsure if I was going to actually meet him in person or not. I found out that Craig and I had mutual friends and my cousin also went to high school with him, so I asked around and to see what kind of person he was. After hearing from everyone that he was a nice guy, I decided to give him a chance.
Craig and I first met in person at a bowling alley. I remember having a conversation with one of his friends that night about how he didn’t like country music and his friend told him to just give it a chance, that would start liking it.
Fast forward a little bit, Craig eventually grew to love country music and attended a ton of country concerts with me, so eventually we decided to take a trip to Nashville. Our first night there we went to Arrington winery to enjoy some wine together. We took a tour, had a wine tasting paired with cheese and chocolates, and bought a bottle of wine to share. We walked around only to find a more private area surrounded with trees and a beautiful view of the vineyard with a picnic table and a bench swing. Sharing a glass of wine on the swing, he refilled our glasses, set them down and said the most unromantic thing: “Alright let’s get this over with”. He then got down on one knee as I sat on the swing and he told me how much Hailey and I meant to him and how much he loved us. He was shaking the whole time when asking me to marry him and I of course said yes. :)” 
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I truly love shooting glamour! I love the fact that the woman not only get to experience a super fun photo shoot, but also have beautiful photographs of themselves. 

We shot this session at Danielle’s sister’s store located in Murrysville, called “The Rack Boutique”. Super cute place and if you are into vintage little things, you will go crazy in there. Not to mention Lisa was kind enough to let the girls pick their wardrobe right from the racks and I thank her so much for that. 

My assistant Laura and I started by setting up at a good spot in the store and while one girl finished getting her makeup done, the other was ready to go. We kept alternating between them when shooting so they could each change into a new outfit and everyone got to enjoy their time in the spotlight with different looks. 

Below are a few of the behind the scenes photos, as well as my favorite final images of Danielle, Ashley, Emily and Camilla.

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