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I love photographing wedding rings. There are so many options for different looks that we can create that the possibilities are endless. I always try to use whatever my brides have around the room or I wait until we get to the reception so I can use reflective objects and surfaces, candles, flowers and any other table or room decor.

For this particular shot, I saw a cute little box Lauren had on her coffee table and along with someone’s sparkly bag, I took it to her dining room and sat them on a table by the window. I placed the lid of the box on the table and the ring right at the edge of the lid handle. I added the sparkly clutch about 4 or 5 inches behind it and was happy with the composition so far.

The natural light that was coming in from the window was beautiful, but I still needed a video light to make the ring really sparkle. It’s always difficult to work without an assistant for these type of shots, because I have to hold my heavy camera with one hand and the video light with another (when she normally holds the light for me), which makes it almost impossible to avoid camera shake – especially if you have to manually focus your macro lens (and any lens movement throws the subject out of focus). So, because my assistant Laura wasn’t available, I was able to position the video light in the perfect spot so it could beautifully illuminate the bride’s ring.

I didn’t quite take a ‘before’ shot of this, but I did take a bird’s eye view of the same type of setup with her additional jewelry. Just image that the ring was the only object on top of the lid handle and voila. Here’s the before and after shot. 

For photographers: Shot with Nikon D750, 105mm, f/8, ISO 1000, 1/125, natural and video light.


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Although we have been married for almost 16 years, my husband and I do our best to make sure each other feel loved every single day. This blog post will be a super corny one, but I think that these little things are what make our relationship so special.

First and foremost, he’s the most important person in my life and we treat each other as so. The amount of respect and the friendship we have is like we are partners in crime, lol. And then there are the little things like still opening doors for me, buying a favorite treat for the other before getting home, leaving little love notes around, our neighborhood or park walks, flowers just because, holding hands or trying to cuddle when watching TV even though the dogs try to get in between us every time, the need to share funny things or a story, saying I Love You everyday, among so many others! Then, there’s our date nights that I have to confess they’ve become a little shorter, because we don’t want to leave the dogs by themselves for more than 4 hours, lol. There are so many different little things that means so much to me! 

Among all the surprises though, there are quite a few that stands out, because it came at a meaningful time. Let me share one of them:

A few years back I was going through a very difficult time in my life. One of those times when you don’t know your purpose in life and going from one meaningless job after another was literally killing me inside. On a day that every single thing was going wrong, I took the bus back home after work and arrived at the park and ride where I used to leave my car in the morning. It was around 5pm and the parking lot was still a sea of other cars.

I got off the bus and walked quietly and very emotionally drained towards my car and as soon as I opened the door, I almost didn’t see a bouquet of beautiful flowers right on the front seat (I almost threw my big bag and coat right on top of it). With a huge smile on my face, I immediately started scanning around for my husband, thinking he’s watching the whole thing while staying hidden somewhere, but I couldn’t find him! So I opened the door, got inside and called him asking where he was. A simple answered followed: ‘Home’. He didn’t say anything else so he wouldn’t ruin the surprise if I hadn’t found it yet.

And yes, I still have that picture – I think it was taken in 2011.

Let me just say that I was and am so grateful for that man. He didn’t even know how dreadful that day was going for me, but he knew how I had been feeling inside and specially knew how to make me smile. He said he has stopped at a flower shop on the way home, found my car in the park and ride (he had a copy of my keys), put the flowers in there and left. I never forgot!

My mom once told me to never take your loved one for granted and to show how much he’s loved every single day by not only words, but also actions (even the smallest of gestures). I don’t know why, but it was one piece of advice that really entered my heart. 

Water your relationships everyday. Your loved one, your parents, your best friend, your family… You will always have a life that is rich, no matter the obstacles that will come your way.



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Sometimes I get contacted by my couples’ family and/or friends about them not finding the couples’ wedding photos online. Although I love to share every one of my clients’ images on my blog and social media, there are some couples who request me to keep them private due to the nature of their jobs or another personal reason. This is specially true when it comes to boudoir photos, but it has happened to wedding photos as well. 

Every single one of my clients is very important to me and I do want to respect their wishes by not sharing their images online. They still receive their beautiful photos on an online gallery, but it is password protected so it stays private and at that point, they do have the option to share their gallery with family and friends if they wish to do so. 

This is a topic I wanted to address publicly since I don’t want people wondering why I post images of some couples and not others. Their photos are just as beautiful, but having a great relationship with every one of my clients, even after their wedding day is past, is super important to me. 


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