Lucia Cintra Photography » Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer Lucia Cintra specializes in a mix of fun, candid and creative photography for brides who wants beautiful and timeless images.

About me

My passion for photography started pretty early. I remember sitting with my grandmother and spending hours looking at our ancestor’s photos and hearing stories about each one of them and feeling a little disappointed that those posed and serious images didn’t really show who they were. PINIMAGEI wanted to be able to see their personalities on the photos based on the stories I was hearing and I believe that’s one thing that helped define my photography style.

I love to capture and document the spontaneous, sincere and intimate moments happening throughout the wedding day, the different emotions between you and your loved ones and the almost invisible loving gestures that sometimes happen in a split second…

Photographs to me are much more than freezing a moment in time. They are images of someone’s beauty and personality told as stories throughout their lives and on a wedding day, it’s documenting the beginning of a new family that’s being created. It’s documenting the emotions shared with family and friends who got together to share this beautiful day with the bride and groom.

I feel very privileged to document such a special milestone! Having a great relationship with each and every one of my couples is incredibly important to me. It allows me to create a personalized experience for each one, as we get to know each other from the time you chose to have me as your photographer until your actual wedding day.

I strive to have my photographs take people back in time and help them relive a day that was filled with joy and happiness… When looking at their photos, I want my couples to remember what they were laughing about at a particular moment, the love being expressed by a simple look or what was being whispered in each other’s ears.. I want those images to bring back the emotions of that special day with your loved ones that will forever tell your story for generations to come.

A wedding, an engagement session, moments with your family and best friends, bridal showers and editorial beauty and bridal portraits… My photography style focuses more than anything on capturing people’s personalities in a creative and unique way and my biggest joy is to get to know you and be part of your story.